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Get to know ShippingEasy's PRODUCTS page. The main hub of Product information help you quickly view, upload and add your Products. Sorting and organizing features enable you to personalize the dashboard just as you like it!



1. Add Products Add new Product SKUs one-by-one. Learn more.
2. Combine Variants Combine various Product SKUs under a parent Product SKU, with Variants. Learn more.
3. Merge Products Combine multiple Product SKUs into one Product SKU, with SKU Aliases. Learn more.
4. More Apply an action to one or more Product SKUs:
5. Search Search for Product SKUs with keywords:
  • Name
  • SKU
  • UPC
  • ASIN
  • ISBN
6. Filter Filter your products by selecting the options on the left side of the page. Options include:
  • Type: All, Product, Bundle
  • Weight: All, < 13 oz, 13 oz - 3 lb, > 3 lbs, > 5 lbs, > 10 lbs
  • Activity: Active, Inactive. Learn more.
  • Tags: searchable field
  • Low Stock: All, Low Stock
  • Category: Uncategorized, account defined
  • Supplier: account defined
7. Results per page The number of product that show per page. Options include:
  • 100
  • 200
  • 500
8. Upload products Upload multiple products at once using a CSV file. Learn more.
9. Download Products

Download your product catalog to your desktop for faster editing and record keeping. The following download options are available:

  • Active - downloads only your active products
  • All Products (Active & Inactive) 

You will receive an email when your download is complete.

10. List of Products A list of all your Products. Columns can be sorted by SKU, Name, Category, Weight, or Warehouse/Bin. The following data is available:
  • Image: click the image icon to view the Product image in a new browser
  • SKU: click the SKU to view the Product details
  • Name: click the name to view the Product details
  • Category: displays the assigned Product Category. Learn more.
  • Stock: total quantity in warehouse, including both Available and Committed. Click on this field to edit it.
  • Available: total quantity that can be sold
  • Committed: total quantity that has been sold, but not yet shipped
  • Awaiting: total quantity on order from Supplier. Learn more.
  • Threshold: the minimum stock levels you wish to keep on hand. Learn more.
  • Weight: weight of a single unit of the Product SKU.
  • Warehouse/Bin: the location where the Product SKU is stored.
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