How to: Access the ShippingEasy plugin for WooCommerce log messages

NOTE: This article applies to LEGACY ShippingEasy WooCommerce store integrations ONLY.  To determine if you have the legacy version of our WooCommerce store integration, read this article.

If you have an issue with your WooCommerce integration that has been escalated with the ShippingEasy Customer Success team, you may be asked to provide your error logs. This is available for download within your WooCommerce store.

First, configure the ShippingEasy plugin to log status messages.

  1. Click the Settings entry in the WooCommerce menu.
  2. Click the Integration menu.
  3. Select ShippingEasy Settings.

    NOTE: if you do not see an entry for ShippingEasy Settings, that just means ShippingEasy is the only WooCommerce extension you have installed.
  4. Check the option for Debug Enabled.

  5. Select Save changes.

Now, you are ready to examine the log messages created by the ShippingEasy plugin.  

If using WooCommerce 2.0 or v2.1:

To see the five most recent log messages, click the ShippingEasy Log entry in the WooCommerce menu:

If using WooCommerce 2.2 or higher:
  1. Click the System Status entry in the WooCommerce menu.
  2. Click the Logs tab.
  3. Select the ShippingEasy log entry from the list, and then click View.

    NOTE: the most recent entries will be at the end of the display, so scroll to the end of the window.


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