How does the Product Category rule work?

Product Categories have a number of uses. In particular, they expand the possibilities of Shipping Rules, allowing you to apply a single action to a broader range of Products. Learn more about Shipping Rules.

Without Product Categories, you could write a Shipping Rule that acts on orders based on individual SKUs. However, if you sell many similar Products, each with a unique SKU, you can use a Product Category to apply that same rule to a wider range of Products.

This also simplifies updating your Shipping Rule should you add or remove Products from your inventory. Rather than update the Shipping Rule, you can simply add or remove Products from the Product Category. 

For example, a merchant who sells socks might stock a variety of styles (such as low-cut sport, ankle-dress, knee-length). If each of these styles ships from a different warehouse, pairing Product Categories with Shipping Rules can help simplify how the Ship From addresses are assigned:

  1. A Product Category is set up for each style (such as Sport Socks, Ankle Socks, Knee Socks). Learn more.
  2. Individual SKUs are assigned to these Product Categories. Learn more.
  3. A Shipping Rule is added to map specific actions to orders containing the categorized Products. Learn more.

    This rule might look like:

    IF: Product Category is equal to "Sport Socks".

    THEN: Set a Ship From address to automatically apply the correct warehouse address.

  4. Later, if new styles of socks are sold, these SKUs can be added to the Product Categories for seamless revision to the Shipping Rules.

For more ways to use Product Categories with your Shipping Rules, take a look at the related articles below.


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