What caused my Endicia account to be suspended?

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Endicia has strict security controls in place to protect your information. One of the most common flags for a breech of security is five failed attempts to log into your account with the wrong Pass Phrase.

Issues with your bank account may also suspend Endicia, such as a chargeback from the bank or if the ACH payment for postage is rejected. 

Be mindful of when you update your billing as well as this could have a similar effect. If you update your billing before you buy postage or if billing is updated twice in a row without a postage purchase between updates, a suspension could occur.

This suspension results in the inability to log into or purchase postage. When this occurs, you will need to reset your Pass Phrase. When you have successfully reset your Pass Phrase, your suspension should be cleared. 

For more information about Pass Phrases, see Endicia Pass Phrases

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