Which Flat Rate package option do I choose?

There are a some flat rate packages that ShippingEasy does not currently list as options on the READY TO SHIP screen. However, USPS has confirmed that the pricing is the same when customers use certain boxes available on ShippingEasy as a replacement for these packages.

The packages that were removed are:

    • Large Flat Rate Game Box
    • Large Flat Rate Gift Card Envelope
    • Large Flat Rate Window Envelope
    • Large Flat Rate Envelope
    • Flat Rate Small Envelope
You can still generate labels for these packages, you just need to select the correct corresponding USPS package type.

What package types should I select instead?

Small Flat Rate box

If you are using the Flat Rate DVD box or the USPS Flat Rate Large Video box, select Small Flat Rate Box under Packaging on the READY TO SHIP screen.

The USPS Flat Rate DVD box and the USPS Flat Rate Large Video box are flat rate boxes for International shipments only.

Large Flat Rate Box

If you are using a Large Flat Rate Game Box, the Large Flat Rate Box has the same rate.

Flat Rate Envelope

If you are using a Large Flat Rate Gift Card Envelope, Large Flat Rate Window Envelope, or Large Flat Rate Envelope, the Flat Rate Envelope has the same rate.


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