How do I order free boxes from USPS?

Shipping packages to customers all over the world can be a time consuming and costly job. By utilizing a few resources, such as ShippingEasy's Browse Rates tool, you can see your savings before you ship. Save yourself even more time, stress, and gas money by ordering boxes directly from the USPS. The best part? They’re free!

What you need:

Since shipping boxes for free to just anyone generally isn’t the best business model, USPS does have a few simple requirements. These only take a few minutes to complete and once you're done you’ll be amazed how much your overall efficiency can be increased:

  • You need account. Once you’re registered you should have access to the free checkout.
  • State that you are a business during the registration process so that you can receive as many benefits as possible for your quantity or type of shipping.
  • Head over to The USPS shipping supplies web page. If you regularly ship the same sized products, you can save your measurements in ShippingEasy for quick access.
  • Order your boxes! Now that you’ve completed the requirements just order your boxes.

Once you’re registered and have access to the USPS free shipping checkout you’ll be saving yourself so much effort. Find out more ways ShippingEasy saves you time, energy, and money! 

NOTE: Only certain types of boxes are available online. If you can’t find the one you’re looking for you may need to go into your local office to find the one you need.


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