Why doesn't my logo appear on my packing slips or emails?

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Your logo might be the most important component of your company's identity, so we make it easy to show you logo on your Shipping Confirmation E-mail and Packing Slips! 

If your logo is not appearing on your packing slips or emails, here are a few things to check:

Is the Brand Package included in your plan?

The Brand Package, which allows you to attach your logo to packing slips and emails, is included in all Paid subscriptions (Basic and Above).

Users on our FREE Starter plan can opt to add the Brand Package to their subscription for $10 per month a-la-carte. To add the Brand Package to a Starter plan, follow the steps here.

Has your logo been uploaded to your Store Settings?

You can check under SETTINGS>>STORES & ORDERS>>Edit store settings. Step-by-step instructions on how to upload your logo can be found here.

Is your logo included in your Packing Slip Template and/or your Email Template?

In order for your logo to display on your package slip and/or emails, make sure you have the variable listed on your corresponding template. Example variable: {{store.logo}}

Are you viewing a test email or Packing Slip preview?

Any test emails sent or packing slips viewed for preview purposes, will not display your store logo, but rather a place holder. This is because our test emails and packing slip previews use generic information not specifically gathered from your Stores & Orders settings.

If you have problems that require extra assistance, feel free to reach out to our team.

Anyone can post questions in the comments, to the left, and the ShippingEasy Customer Success team will gladly assist.

ShippingEasy accounts on a paid plan will find additional resources in the upper left corner in app.

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