How to: Preview a custom Packing Slip Template

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ShippingEasy offers nearly limitless options to customize your packing slips.  If you're just getting started, take a look at how to create a packing slip template and save it to your store.

Once you've built a template, you may want to preview the packing slip before assigning it to your default settings.  We have you covered!

  1. From the SETTINGS >> PACKING SLIPS TEMPLATES page, open the template you want to test by clicking the pencil icon to the right of the template.

  2. Below the edit dialog, select the Preview PDF button.

  3. The "Generate Test Packing Slip" dialog will open with a prompt to choose a size and orientation for the packing slip. Be sure to preview all of the size and orientation combinations that you plan to use when printing packing slips.

    Note: the templates control the content and layout of the packing slip - the size and orientation selection controls where the content is placed and the paper size:
    8x11 (Portrait)
    8x11 (Landscape)
    Create an 8.5 x 11 inch page. Set as default on the SETTINGS >> PACKING SLIPS page.
    4x6 (Landscape) Creates a 4x6 page appropriate for use on any roll of 4x6 labels. Set as default on the SETTINGS >> PACKING SLIPS page.
    4x6 (with Label) Creates a 4x6 page, printed after a 4x6 label, for use on any roll of 4x6 labels. Set as default on the SETTINGS >> LABELS page.
    8x11 (with Label) Creates an 8.5x11 inch page that contains a landscape 4x6 label in the top half, with the lower half of the page for the packing slip (Avery 5127). Set as default on the SETTINGS >> LABELS page.
    8x11 (Combination) Creates an 8.5 x 11 inch page that contains a portrait 4x6 label in the upper-right, with the rest of the page used for the packing slip (OL829). Set as default on the SETTINGS >> LABELS page.
  4. Once you've selected the size you want to preview, click the blue Generate PDF button.
  5. The test packing slip template will open in an new window.
A few important notes about the test packing slips:
  • The test packing slips use generic information which is not specifically gathered from your Stores & Orders settings. The test packing slips are intended to give you a preview of formatting and placement of information.
  • When an actual packing slip is generated for a specific order, we will map the information contained in the order and saved to your Stores & Orders settings. Learn more
  • While the test packing slip is meant as a convenience, it's possible to create an actual "test" packing slip that pulls your settings by creating a test order. Then, process the order as a normal shipment - and remember to cancel the label once you've finished your test.  

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