How do shipping discounts work?

When your business revolves around shipping, saving money can be a huge boon to your business. These savings can absolutely benefit your customers if you can translate those savings into their final cost, such as by offering free shipping.


One of the first ways to receive shipping discounts is to negotiate with your specific account representative. Writing or calling to your account representative will give you an open line of communication to see if they can give you any kind of bulk or other discounts. Find out how negotiated FedEx and UPS rates work with ShippingEasy.

Just like any negotiations, you need to disclose what areas and materials you have access to, what you’re considering shipping, and where your business is. All of these are contributing factors to qualifying for discounts. It’s important to be succinct and specific so your account representative can help you as much as possible.

Keep in mind

Each carrier wants your business. They’ll do everything they can to work with you and keep you a happy and returning customer.

You may need to discuss signing some form of agreement or contract that locks you into having a better rate. This works out well for both you and your carrier as it guarantees your savings and your recurring business to them.

Sometimes you can find special online deals or promotions that will give you a temporary, short term, or long term offer. This is an of online incentive to get you to agree to a period of time with your carrier.

Shipping Software

There is software that is designed to help save you both time and money. Software with postage oriented business owners in mind is created to expedite the process of shipping and save you money at the same time. For example, ShippingEasy comes preloaded with negotiated rates with the United States Postal Service and can benefit many business that revolve around shipping.<p


Simplify your shipping (and save) with ShippingEasy. Start your 30-Day Free Trial.



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