How to use Spree Commerce with ShippingEasy

Spree Commerce provides a full-featured store front platform. ShippingEasy has support for receiving your orders from a Spree Commerce store and shipping those orders to your customers.

How does it work?
Periodically ShippingEasy will automatically read orders from your Spree Commerce store and load them into your ShippingEasy account.

What versions of Spree Commerce are supported?
Version 2.0.

How do I configure the Spree Commerce support?
A step-by-step guide to installation and configuration of our Spree Commerce support is available here.

Are all orders sent from my Spree Commerce store to ShippingEasy?
No. Only orders that have a Payment Status of 'PAID' will be brought into ShippingEasy.

What information is sent back to Spree Commerce from ShippingEasy?
The tracking number is sent back to Spree Commerce when a shipment is created in ShippingEasy.

What happens if I split a Spree Commerce order in ShippingEasy?
ShippingEasy will only send the tracking number for the first shipment back to Spree Commerce.

What does ShippingEasy display for warehouse bin/location on Spree Commerce orders?
Unfortunately Spree Commerce does not provide a standard attribute for a product's bin or location, so ShippingEasy is unable to display a value for this field.

Does ShippingEasy convert the product weights that are specified in Spree Commerce?
Spree Commerce requires product weights to be in ounces, so ShippingEasy interprets the weight values as ounces.

Does ShippingEasy support Spree Commerce product variants?
Yes. If you define multiple variants for a product in Spree Commerce, ShippingEasy will display the selected variant. Be sure to check the Display Product Options check box in the store settings in ShippingEasy:

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