ShippingEasy One Balance Account Billing | FAQs

Learn the details about your ShippingEasy for One Balance bill and how to make updates to your billing information.

How do I get billed for label purchases?

You will be billed by for label purchases. ShippingEasy for One Balance partners with to provide USPS postage rates. Learn more about All ShippingEasy plans include an ShippingEasy for One Balance account powered by, at no additional cost.

Where is my billing information located? saves your billing information on their third party server and it can be updated at Learn how to update your One Balance account billing.

How do I manage my One Balance funds?

To view your One Balance funds, navigate from any page on your ShippingEasy account to the links in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

Click ONE BALANCE AND CARRIERS to navigate directly to the account settings.

On this page, you will see your balance listed for your One Balance account.

In order to purchase labels, you must maintain a balance in your One Balance account. You can use a credit card to top off your One Balance funds at any time without the hassle of re-entering your credit card or filling out forms. Just follow these steps to add more postage.

How are funds deducted?

Each time a label is printed, the cost of the label is deducted from your One Balance funds.

When the funds are depleted to the point that there are not enough funds remaining to purchase another label, you will be prompted to add to your balance.

How do I set up Auto Refills for my One Balance account?

Avoid errors with label purchases while also speeding up your shipping process by setting up auto refills for your One Balance account. You can also add more funds manually 

How do I raise the maximum balance on my One Balance account?

If you ship frequently using higher cost USPS services, you can request to raise your maximum balance for your One Balance account.

What is Automatic Package Verification?

The USPS has created a system that verifies that enough postage was included on packages to cover the cost of shipping. Learn more about the details of this program with our FAQ guide.

What do I do if I run into problems setting up ACH billing?

If you get an error message when setting up ACH billing, it may be due to your account not being set up correctly, disconnected or lack of recent postage purchase. Find out the solution to these issues and more with our ACH Billing Troubleshooting guide.




Do I only need to carry a balance for USPS? What about other carriers?

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