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How do I get billed for USPS postage?

You will be billed by for USPS postage purchases. ShippingEasy partners with to provide USPS postage rates. Learn more about All ShippingEasy plans include an postage account, at no additional cost.

Where is my billing information located? saves your billing information on their third party server and it can be updated at Learn how to update your account billing.

How do I manage my postage balance?

In order to print USPS postage, you must maintain a balance in your postage account. You can use a credit card to top off your postage balance.

How is postage deducted?

Each time a label is printed, the cost of the label is deducted from the postage balance.

When the postage balance is depleted to the point that there are not enough funds remaining to purchase another label, you will be prompted to add to your postage balance. Learn how to add more to your postage balance manually or set up automatic postage refills.

How will my USPS postage purchases appear on my billing statement?

Stamps postage balance purchases will appear on your credit card statement as:

Can I bill USPS postage to a third party account?

Billing third party accounts for USPS postage is not supported in ShippingEasy. If you need to manage billing for multiple clients, consider using Sub Accounts. Learn more about Sub Accounts.

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Do I only need to carry a balance for USPS? What about other carriers?

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