How to: Monitor my Support Center posts and support requests

Whether you have emailed our Customer Success team or submitted a question in the Community Forums, there are two great ways to keep track of updates.

Your email inbox:

Email and chat tickets:

All Customer Success Advisor replies to your emailed support inquiries will be sent to your email address.

Community Forum threads and Knowledge Base article comments:

Any comments posted to a Community Forum thread that you started, commented on, or followed as well as any new comments posted to a Knowledge Base article that you are following will be sent to your email address.

Keep in mind that updates will be sent to the email address that you used to log into the ShippingEasy Support Center, and this may be different from the email address you use to log into your ShippingEasy account.

My activities:

A history of your support tickets and Community thread activity is stored in the ShippingEasy Support Center. These are private and only accessible when you log into the Support Center.  

  1. Log into the Support Center.
    NOTE: this login is not the same as your ShippingEasy login. It is a Support Center specific login. If you've emailed ShippingEasy Support, you have a login. Click here to retrieve your password.

  2. Click on your name in the top right corner to expand the menu.

  3. Select My activities.

  4. This will direct you to the "My activities" page.

  5. The following is available on the "My activities" page:
    • Requests: a history email and chat tickets submitted via the ShippingEasy app to the ShippingEasy Customer Success team.
    • Contributions: a history of Community Forum and Knowledge Base activity, including threads that you started as well as comments you listed on existing threads and support articles.
    • Following: a list of all Community Forum threads and Knowledge Base articles that you are subscribed to for email updates.


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