Find orders and shipments using Global Search | How To

We've made searching for an order or shipment easy with a variety of search and filtering tools on each page. But if what you are searching for is the status of the order and you aren't sure where to look first, just use our Global Search!

Quickly search across all pages in ShippingEasy

  1. Locate the Global Search in the navigation bar.

    These keyboard shortcuts put the cursor into the Global Search field
    • Windows: Alt-Shift-S
    • Mac OS X: Ctrl-Option-S
  2. Opt to type in a complete search term or just part of one. The following fields can be searched:
    • Order number
    • Alternate order number
    • Tracking number
    • Recipient name
    • Recipient email address
    • eBay Buyer ID
    Do not use the middle name in search - search by first, last, order number, or email address. If there are too many results, we suggesting picking a date range and using the search on Shipment History.

    TIP: when searching part of a term, include the * as the place holder for the rest of the term. 
    For example:

    • 1234-* will look for all orders that start with 1234-
    • * will look for all emails that end with
  3. With keywords typed, press Enter on your keyboard or click the magnifying glass icon.

  4. You will be presented with the search results.
    If only one record matches the terms:

    You will be immediately directed to a page displaying the order and shipment details. Learn more.

    If multiple records match:

    The first 20 results will be displayed, unsorted.

    1. Scroll through the list to find the record you need.
    2. Then click on the order number to view the details. Learn more.

    NOTE: If more than 20 results were found, a message will be displayed below the results.

    ​Only showing the first 20 matching results. You may need a more specific search to find the order you are looking for.

    In this instance, there are a few options to locate the order:

    1. Within the Global Search bar, enter a:
      • Specific order number
      • Tracking number
      • Email address
    2. If these options do not refine your search enough, consider the search, filter, and sort options on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page. Learn more.

When an order is found, its details are displayed:

This information varies depending on whether the order has been shipped or not.

Example of an unshipped order: 

The options available on the right side reflect those on the ORDERS page, allowing you to complete the shipment from here.

Example of a shipped order: 

The options available on the right side reflect those on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page, allowing you to further process the shipment from here.



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