EasyShip: Cancel and Refund a Label on Spark Pay® Online Store

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This article is for merchants shipping through the EasyShip widget directly from Spark Pay® Online Store.
If you have connected your Spark Pay® Online Store (formerly known as AmeriCommerce) with ShippingEasy via the API, please take a look at our guide to cancel a label for ShippingEasy subscribers.

We get it, accidents happen. If you ever generate a label you do not need to use, you can easily cancel it to be reimbursed for the postage. 

First, find the e-mail for the label you need to cancel. At the top of the e-mail, you'll see the link to cancel and refund the label. 


Once you click the link, you'll be taken to a page to confirm the details of the label you want to cancel. Simply click the Refund shipping label button to initiate the refund request. 


The money will be refunded to your credit card in 8-10 business days (as soon as it has been confirmed with the USPS that the label did not enter the mail stream). 


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