EasyShip: Purchase and Print a Domestic Label on Spark Pay® Online Store

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This article is for merchants shipping through the EasyShip widget directly from Spark Pay® Online Store.
If you have connected your Spark Pay® Online Store (formerly known as AmeriCommerce) with ShippingEasy via the API, please take a look at our shipping overview for ShippingEasy subscribers.

EasyShip allows you to manage your domestic orders from start to finish all in Spark Pay® Online Store. No more leaving your store, let alone your computer, to process your shipments. Just follow these simple steps to print perfect labels for domestic shipments every time.

Here's what EasyShip looks like:

Keep reading to learn how it works! 

  1. Pick an order to ship:

    1. From the Spark Pay® Online Store admin dashboard, click Orders on the left hand navigation bar. This will expand a pop out menu. Select Orders.

    2. On the Orders page, locate the order that you're ready to ship. Click the order ID.

    3. On the Order Edit page, scroll down to the Shipments section. Check the box by the line item/s that you will be shipping.

    4. Click the Buy and Print Label button.

    EasyShip will now launch.
  2. Review the order details:

    The shipment information will be pulled directly from your Spark Pay® Online Storeorder into EasyShip. Review the Ship From (your) address and Ship To (your customer) address by clicking on the address. If any of the information has changed, make the required edits.

  3. Make your carrier selections:

    • Service: the USPS carrier service that will be used to determine the rates, packaging options (such as Flat Rate) and added service options (such as confirmation and insurance). Learn more about USPS services.

    • Packaging: the box or envelope type that will be used to mail your product.

    • Weight: accurate weight ensures correct postage and delivery. Learn more about shipment weight.

    • Dimensions: accurate dimensions ensures compliance with service dimension limits. Not required for Flat/Regional Rate packages. Learn more about shipment dimensions.

    • Confirmation: some services include confirmation options and others are eligible for added services. Learn more about confirmation options.

    Consider adding insurance if your shipment is valued greater than the amount insurance included by USPS with the selected service. Learn more about insurance.

  4. Review your selections:

    A summary of your Total postage costs will display, detailing the service, confirmation, and insurance costs. It may be necessary to select the Update button next to any fields that have been edited for this cost to update.

  5. Buy your label:

    1. Purchase Label: if everything looks correct, click the Purchase Label button.

    2. Complete Purchase: your previous billing information will be saved allowing you to quickly purchase and print your labels. Before payment is processed, you’ll have the option to review the final cost and change your payment method if you need to. If you'd like to update your credit card, please see the steps in this article. Make any required changes and select Complete Purchase.

    3. A dialog will appear indicating that the purchase was successful, as well as confirming the email address to which your receipt and label was sent.

  6. Print your label:

    Check your email: a receipt with your label and shipment information (including tracking number) will be emailed to you. Just download the PDF label and print to your printer of choice.

    If you do not need the label, find a link in the email to cancel the label for a refund.

    NOTE: refunds are subject to approval and verification that the label was not used. Approved refunds will be processed within 10-14 days.


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