How to: Add a Manual Order

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Any orders that have been generated outside of your eCommerce store are called Manual Orders. You can add these orders one at a time or upload many via a CSV file. Learn more about uploading orders via a CSV file.

To add individual orders manually:

  1. Access the CREATE MANUAL ORDER page by one of two ways.

    From any page:

    Click the QUICK SHIP tab on the blue navigation menu.

    From the ORDERS page:

    Click +Add Manual Order

  2. The CREATE MANUAL ORDER page will populate with a few required fields and a few optional fields.

    Required Fields:

    • Ship to Address: paste the address and then click Parse Address or enter the address line by line by selecting Show Fields
    • Order Number: auto-populates by default.
    • Item Name: if your Product Catalog is configured, just type in the item name or SKU to see a list of matching entries. Select an entry to automatically populate the rest of the line item details. Learn more about the Product Catalog.
    • Weight
NOTE: the more fields you fill in, the more details regarding the shipment will be available in ShippingEasy.


  1. Complete the order via one of three options:
    • Create Order: save the order to the ORDERS page
    • Save & Get Rate: send the order to the READY TO SHIP page
    • Save & Quick Ship: select a Saved Carrier Selection and buy a label now.  Learn more about Saved Carrier Selections.
      NOTE: In order to see the "Save & Get Rate" or "Save & Quick Ship" buttons, you will need to connect a carrier account. Learn more.

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