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Any orders that have been generated outside of your e-commerce store are called "manual orders". You can add these orders one at a time or upload many via a CSV file.

This guide will show you how to add manual orders one at a time.

If you have a CSV file of orders that you would like to upload to ShippingEasy, check out our guide to importing orders.

BEFORE YOU ARE READY: first you will need to have a carrier connected to ShippingEasy.

Before you can add manual orders into ShippingEasy, you will need to connect a carrier account to ShippingEasy. We will walk you through adding a carrier on the WELCOME page. Learn more about the WELCOME page.

To add individual orders manually

  1. From any page, click the QUICK SHIP tab on the blue navigation menu. Select New Label.

    QUICK SHIP also provides an option to create a return label. Learn how to create a return.
  2. The CREATE MANUAL ORDER page will populate with a few required fields and a few optional fields.
    The more fields you fill in, the more shipments details will be available in ShippingEasy.
    Required Fields  
    Ship to Address Paste the address and then click Parse Address or enter the address line by line by selecting Show Fields.
    Order Number This field auto-populates by default. You may edit as desired. Learn how to create a custom order number.
    Item Name If your Product Catalog is configured, just type in the item name or SKU to see a list of matching entries. Select an entry to automatically populate the rest of the line item details. Learn more about the Product Catalog.
    Weight This is used to determine the postage cost.


  3. Complete the order via one of three options.
    Option Action
    Create Order Save the order to the ORDERS page
    Create & Get Rate Send the order to the READY TO SHIP page
    Create & Quick Ship Select a Shipping preset and buy a label now.  Learn more about Shipping presets.
    In order to see the "Create & Get Rate" or "Create & Quick Ship" buttons, you will need to connect a carrier account. Learn how to set up your carrier accounts.


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