Find eBay Order URL to Query the API | How To

If you have an escalated ticket with our Customer Success team around eBay orders not syncing, you may be asked to provide ShippingEasy the eBay order URL in order to query the eBay API.

  1. Sign into your eBay account.
  2. Go to My eBay > Awaiting Shipment or Awaiting Payment, depending on your eBay order status.
  3. Select the Record Number for the order you wish to view.
  4. Once you have selected the order number you will be taken to the order URL on the next page. It is the URL shown on the top of the Sales Record review page.
  5. Provide this order URL to your ShippingEasy Customer Success Advisor and our team will be able to continue troubleshooting your escalated ticket.

Understanding Data Contained in eBay Order URL

The eBay order URL contains many pieces of valuable information, including the order ID, item ID, and transaction ID.

For single orders:

The URL contains the phrases "itemid=" and "transid=" with numbers behind them. They are combined together with the item id listed first.


URL string:

  • itemid: 231540126031
  • transid: 1173147049013
  • Order Number: 231540126031-1173147049013
For multi item orders: 

The URL contains the phrase "orderid=".


URL String:

  • orderid: 193218725013
  • Order Number: 193218725013


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