CSV Product Uploads: Sample CSV file

Download our sample product CSV file to see how to correctly format your file for upload to ShippingEasy. Up to four CSV files can be uploading at one time.

ShippingEasy sample product CSV

Learn more about formatting data in CSV product files.

NOTE: when uploading products for SKU Aliases and Bundles, upload data in separate files.

We recommend creating a separate CSV file for each of these data sets.
Then uploading the data in the following sequence:

  1. All SKUs, product names, and attributes excluding those below.
  2. All SKU Aliases
  3. All Bundles
  4. All Quantities for individual SKUs.
    Remember, SKU Aliases and Bundles won't need a quantity listed for them.


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You are missing several fields that are available in the main product pages.  It would be nice to be able to upload UPC and other fields as well.

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