How to: Configure store settings within BigCommerce

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Before integrating with ShippingEasy, we recommend that you take 5 minutes to review your BigCommerce store settings.

  1. Logged into your BigCommerce admin page, click the Setup & tools tab that's located in the top right hand corner.

  2. From the drop down menu, click Profile.

  3. This will direct you to the Store Profile page. From here, you can enter your store's information.

    NOTE: with ShippingEasy you can use multiple "Ship From" addresses and drop shipping.  The address that you enter as your store address will be used by ShippingEasy as your default "Ship From" address.
  4. Under the Setup & Tools tab, select Store settings.
  5. In the "Physical Dimension Settings" section, set the default Weight Measurement and Length Measurement for your store.  These settings allow Bigcommerce and ShippingEasy to provide optimized shipping rates based on each unique order!
    TIP: we recommend using "Imperial Measurements" for everything if you are a US based company. This means that you should select pounds or ounces for your "Weight Measurement" and inches for your "Length Measurement".


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