Can I ship HAZMAT (Hazardous Materials)?

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Shipping hazardous materials can be a stressful business. Most carriers can accommodate some kinds of hazardous materials, but have specific policies and pricing for shipping HAZMAT. It's common for carriers to outright refuse service for certain package contents. 

As ShippingEasy does not currently provide support for the shipment of HAZMAT, if you are in a business of shipping hazardous materials, it's best to get in touch with your carrier representative. They will help identify if the carrier allows shipping of the items you're trying to transport as well as set up a process to do so safely and legally. 

To help you get started with your research, read on for more information about these carriers' policies:


Shipping HAZMAT with FedEx:

FedEx offers a fairly extensive HAZMAT shipping service. They have representatives who are ready and willing to assist you with filling out all of the proper paperwork for your HAZMAT.

In addition, they offer training for those that wish to ship HAZMAT, explanations on different shipping services, how they each treat hazardous materials, and more pertinent information.


Shipping HAZMAT with UPS:

The UPS has a fairly extensive list of prohibited items. The list includes alcohol, animals furs, articles of “Exceptional value” and most HAZMAT items.

The UPS has semi-regular seminars and tutorials for sending hazardous materials. The best way to determine if what you want to ship is applicable for shipping you can check the UPS hazardous support contact.


Shipping HAZMAT with USPS:

The United States Postal Service has a list of domestic and internationally banned items. That means these items absolutely cannot be shipped under any circumstances with them. The list includes:

  • Ammunition
  • Air bags
  • Explosives
  • Gasoline

Despite these restrictions, however, you can still send many other HAZMAT. The best way to ensure the material you are sending isn’t restricted is to contact your local USPS. You can also check out the USPS shipping restrictions page


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