What is nonprofit mail?

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Nonprofit mail can be described as both very simple and very complex.

The simple side is most easily identified as a reduced rate for standard USPS business shipping prices. However, these reduced rates follow rigorous and strict guidelines. The guidelines are many and have varying restrictions on who can use the reduced rate and for what.

For example, if multiple companies have a shared mailing system, your company cannot receive the nonprofit mail status unless all of the linked companies are in the program as well.

Likely, one of the most tedious aspects of nonprofit shipping is the application process. In order to apply you must meet strict standards and guidelines. These guidelines are outlined on the USPS website.

Two things to keep in mind before diving into the section 417 (which contains everything you need to know about eligibility and limitations,) is that nonprofit shipping rates are only allowed inside the continental U.S. The other is that nonprofit IRS status doesn’t automatically make your company eligible for nonprofit mail prices.

If you are searching for discounted rates on USPS Postage, ShippingEasy offers Commercial Plus Pricing on postage which can lead to significant savings. If you are a nonprofit interested in learning how a ShippingEasy account can further your savings, contact us at 855-202-2275.


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