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Access the EDIT ORDER page from the ORDERS page by clicking the Order line and then click Edit Order in the order info box that appears.



1. Order Summary     Order ID Reference number received from integrated store or CSV file. 
Ordered At Date the order was placed.
Subtotal (including tax) Price of products in order.
Shipping (including tax) Shipping cost extended to your customer. 
Total (including tax) Combined sum of "Subtotal" and "Shipping" costs. 
These items cannot be edited in ShippingEasy. 
2. Shipping Address First Name *
Last Name *
Displays on label.
Address *
Address 2
City *
Postal Code
Displays on label; used to calculate shipping rates.
E-mail Use to send shipment notification emails and return labels to your customers.
Phone Displays on UPS and FedEx labels.
* indicates a required field 
3. Notes Customer Comment This is the comment your customer left on the order on your store
Gift Message Comment from your customer to be included as a gift message with the order.
Internal Order Notes Notes added to the order in ShippingEasy.  Learn more.
4. Tags Add or remove tags from the order.
5. Custom Fields

Custom field data is related only to orders entered manually, via a CSV file or from specific store integrations supporting custom fields. Custom fields can be used to include order data that is specific to you and how you run your business. Learn more.

6. Line items Quantity Amount of specific product included in order.
Name Description of product.
Warehouse Bin Current Warehouse location. Can only be edited in the Product Catalog which will update it for all orders that contain the SKU.
Weight Weight used to calculate shipping rates. 
Total Price of the order.  
NOTE: edits to the Total will not update the Shipment/Order Total on the ORDERS page or on the Packing Slip. 
SKU This field cannot be edited.
Editing line items may prevent ShippingEasy from updating the item/order as shipped in the store; this will vary by store platform.  Learn more.
NOTE: These fields can be mapped to your packing slips and shipment notification emails.



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