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ConnectEasy is an all-in-one tool for printing shipping labels and weighing packages that enables ShippingEasy to integrate with your hardware in a wide range of configurations.

Once installed, ConnectEasy provides an array of additional settings and information, available under each tab.




1. Welcome to ConnectEasy Details your account name and the connected computer.  

View your printing history at Login may be required.
NOTE: provides options to manage details of your account.  If you change your password on this account, ShippingEasy will no longer have a record of your password and will not be able to provide support assistance. We recommend keeping original password settings.
2. Help  Navigate to ShippingEasy's FAQ page for ConnectEasy.
3. Logout  Log out of ConnectEasy from your current computer.

To log back in, you must grab your credentials from within ShippingEasy (SETTINGS > CONNECTEASY > Passphrase). 
4. Quit  Disconnect ConnectEasy. 

To reconnect, click the icon on your desktop or launch from the Start menu (START > ALL PROGRAMS > CONNECTEASY > ConnectEasy).




1. Printers active by default Add check marks to any printers listed in the table to make them active in ConnectEasy. Add a checkmark to the 'Printers active by default' to record your default printers in the table.
2. Printer  A list of printers installed on your computer.
3. Status  Individual printer statuses may be "Offline", "Online", or "Idle".  Only "Online" printers can receive print jobs.
4. Page Width (in) & Page Height (in)
Overrides your Mac's default paper settings. If you experience problems with labels printing out in landscape (rather than portrait orientation), enter dimensions here.
Note: these settings only work if the printer is attached to the computer on which ConnectEasy is installed.  Networked printers will not recognize this setting. 
5. Ready  Indicates ConnectEasy is ready for use. If this says "Disconnected", you'll need to reconnect ConnectEasy.  Learn more




1. Refresh  Refreshes the list of USB scales you have connected to your Mac. 
2. Enable Scales  Check this box if you'd like to integrate your scale with ShippingEasy.
3. Ready  Indicates ConnectEasy is ready for use. If this says "Disconnected", you'll need to reconnect ConnectEasy.  Learn more




1. Retain printjob contents after printing 

Keeps a PDF copy of each label printed, in the following locations:

  • Mac: ~/.printnode/shippingeasy/9/printjobs
2. Proxy Settings Select a proxy server option when using a dedicated computer or software system on a computer that acts as an intermediary between your workstation and internet connection.
3. Ready  Indicates ConnectEasy is ready for use. If this says "Disconnected", you'll need to reconnect ConnectEasy.  Learn more




1. Copy to clipboard If you are ever asked to provide your logs to the ShippingEasy Customer Success team, you can easily click Copy to Clipboard and then paste it into an email. 
2. Send to Support Sends a record of print logs to the developer, PrintNode. If you experience an issue you want to report or are asked to send your logs to Print Node, click this button. 
3. Ready  Indicates ConnectEasy is ready for use. If this says "Disconnected", you'll need to reconnect ConnectEasy.  Learn more.




1. View License Directs you to a web page inside your browser that details your user license for ConnectEasy.
2. Version Displays the installed version.  Check if you have the latest version installed. 
3. Ready  Indicates ConnectEasy is ready for use. If this says "Disconnected", you'll need to reconnect ConnectEasy.  Learn more.




The overview for Mac is not helpful and assumes I am blind.  I want to know why Shipping Easy looses my printer almost every week and I have to uninstall and re-install multiple times before it will work.

I need this program for my business, but I am about to look elsewhere for a product that is not so frustrating to work with!

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Hello Wendy - Thank you for your feedback. This specific guide is intended to illustrate the interface of the ConnectEasy application for Mac. However, we have some other guides to help you troubleshoot ConnectEasy:

We also have some general printer troubleshooting guides:

When there is a problem printing from ShippingEasy, we recommend troubleshooting in two steps:

First, determine if you can print a PDF from your computer. You can test this by:

  1. "Print" a label as a PDF and save this to your computer. Learn how.
  2. Locate the PDF on your computer. Open it and print to the printer that doesn't appear to be connecting.
  • If the PDF prints OK, then we've confirmed that your printer and computer are correctly configured. We can move onto troubleshooting ConnectEasy.
  • If the PDF does not print, then you need to continue troubleshooting your computer and printer until it can be printed. It's recommended to consult with the printer and/or computer manuafacturer to ensure that this hardware is communicating correctly.

Once we've confirmed your printer and computer are configured correctly, we need to determine if ConnectEasy is connecting to ShippingEasy. You can test this by:

  1. Review your ConnectEasy settings in ShippingEasy to make sure the correct printer is selected. Learn how
  2. Check your applications folder to ensure that there is only one version of ConnectEasy running. Learn more.
  3. Reconnect ConnectEasy. This will refresh the connection with ShippingEasy. Learn more.
  • If this resolves the problem, then you're all set!
  • If you still experience problems, it's best to reach out to our Customer Success team via the links in the top left corner of the app. Or, post your questions to our Community forums: Community - Issues & Bugs
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