Labels Printing Small - Dymo Printer | Troubleshoot

If the print on your DYMO-printed label is small, there are some ways you can troubleshoot.

After trying out these steps, if you are still experiencing issues with labels printing too small, then DYMO support will have the best advice for handling questions about their product.

Update the DYMO Driver on Computer

If the option to within your printer settings to Manage Custom Sizes is greyed out, you need to update your driver.

DYMO LabelWriter drivers and documentation:

Edit Printer Settings on Computer - Confirm the Correct Paper Size is Selected

Fix PC Settings

  1. Go to the Start Menu and open the Control Panel.
  2. Go to Devices and Printers.
  3. Click on Printers/Faxes.
  4. Then, right-click your thermal printer and select Printing Preferences.
  5. Go to Advanced Options and select your paper size (usually listed as 4x6 or 1744907).
  6. Click OK and then Apply at the bottom of the Printing Preferences window.
If Paper Size is not listed in the Advanced Options tab, it may be necessary to select the 'Printing Defaults...' button at the bottom, choose the Options tab, and set the Paper Format to 'inch' and the Size width and height to 4 and 6.

Fix MAC Settings

When Printing via Web Browser:

If you are printing small PDF labels via your web browser, select your browser from the links below to view the recommended solution.

When Printing via ConnectEasy:

If your labels are printing small via ConnectEasy, you may need to set your paper size defaults in ConnectEasy. Find out how to set the paper size defaults in ConnectEasy for Mac.

Verify Label Output Settings in ShippingEasy

The "Domestic Label Output Format" setting determines the label size and format used for your domestic shipping labels.

This setting is User specific. Each User login sets their domestic label format independent of other Users on the same account. Learn more about setting up hardware on multiple work stations.

Multiple formats are available for each domestic label size. However, some sizes may only be used for specific carriers:

  • 4" x 6": supported by all carriers
  • 4" x 5": only supported for USPS domestic labels
  • 4" x 8": only supported for USPS domestic labels
To set up your login's domestic label output format:
  1. From the Default label size option menu, select the label size that matches your labels, or fits your paper, as well as the carrier(s) that you will ship through.
  2. Once label size has been selected, several supported format options will be displayed. Each option is represented with an image, a description, and a list of suggested formatted paper types. Learn more about the available label formats.
  3. Test how any format will print to your printer by selecting Test Print Settings.
  4. Click on an image to select the label format. The labels that you've selected will be highlighted with a blue background.
  5. Selecting the image will automatically update your label preferences. This is noted with a blue dialog box that appears at the top of the screen: "Label settings updated."
    label settings updated.png

Still, having problems using your DYMO with ShippingEasy? Try these other DYMO LabelWriter troubleshooting tips.


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