What is the Item Number column on the ORDERS page?

The Item Number is the eBay identification number assigned to each of your eBay listings. It is created automatically, whether you are selling an item via an Auction or Buy it Now sale. The Item Number displayed in ShippingEasy is linked directly to your eBay listing. Learn more

You can select the Item Number column on any platform, however, it is a feature that is intended for eBay users. If you select the Item Number for a platform other than eBay, no value will be displayed. 

Only one Item Number can be displayed per eBay order. If an order contains multiple items from multiple different eBay listings then no Item Number will be displayed in ShippingEasy.

NOTE: you cannot search Item Number as this is an attribute that is not currently indexed. If you would like to see Item Number deemed searchable, please submit a Feature Request


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