How to: Specify the size of a logo on packing slips

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Specifying the size of your logo for your packing slips is easy!

First, make sure your logo is uploaded for your store. Learn more


  1. Navigate to SETTINGS tab and select PACKING SLIP TEMPLATES.

  2. On the PACKING SLIP TEMPLATES page, select the pencil icon to edit the packing slip for which you wish to update the logo dimensions.  

  3. Click your cursor where you would like your store information to appear in the template
  4. Locate the store icon on top toolbar.  Click it and select the logo variable.

  5. By default, the variable looks like this:

    {{ store.logo }}

    To specify the logo dimensions, add the following information:

    {{ store.logo | image_size: 'WxH' }}

    In place of W and H, specify the pixels for the width (W) and height (H).  For example:

    {{ store.logo | image_size: '200x400' }} 


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