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Picklists help keep your shipping process organized and efficient, giving you a detailed list of which items are needed to pack your boxes. ShippingEasy allows you to print pick lists from the ORDERS page as well as SHIPMENT HISTORY in the app. You can access the PICK LIST page by navigating to the SETTINGS page and clicking PICK LISTS under the LABEL SIZES & PRINTING OPTIONS.

Formatting Pick Lists

Under the formatting section, make the selections that best fit how you want to your pick list to appear.
These selections include:

1. Barcode Type Choose the order number or item SKU barcode you would like included on your pick list.
2. Output Format Choose either Portrait or Landscape. This will affect how many columns you can fit on one page when you start customizing which fields to display.
3. Sort By Choose how you would like the pick list to be sorted. You can sort by:
  • Item name
  • Item SKU
  • Warehouse Bin
  • Item Quality
  • Shipping Zone
  • Shipping Service
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Custom Field 1
  • Custom Field 2
  • Custom Field 3
4. Sort Order Choose if you would like the sorting to be Ascending or Descending.

Group and Print By

On the PICK LIST page under the SETTINGS tab, you can select to group your pick list in order by location (warehouse bin), item (sku), shipping service, shipping zone, ship to country, ship-to state, or order.

NOTE: Making multiple selections will print a pick list for each grouping. For example, if you select Item and Order, one pick list will be generated in which all items are grouped products, and a separate list will be generated with items grouped by order.


  • If you select to print your pick list by order number, you may have multiple line items for a single SKU, however, the recipient name and order number will show.
  • If you select to print by item, the items needed for each individual order will not show, only the total number of each item for all orders.


1. Warehouse Bin The current Warehouse Bin from the Product Catalog will be displayed.
2. Quantity The number of the SKU you need to pick.
3. Item Name
The name of each SKU from your store.
4. Picked This is left blank for you to indicate if you have "picked" your items from inventory.
5. Total Quantity to Pick Total number of items to pick
6. Total Items in List Total number of unique SKUs on the pick list.
7. Total Orders in List Total number of orders on the pick list.


Select which columns you would like to display on your pick lists. Click Edit to choose the data fields and customize the order of the columns.

Drag and drop fields from the "Available columns" to "Show columns in this order" if you would like to add them to your pick lists.

NOTE: Your choice of portrait or landscape Output Format (in Step 2) will have an effect on how many fields you can fit on a single page.


Available columns:

  • Barcode (Amazon#)
  • Barcode (Item SKU)
  • Barcode (Order #)
  • Billing Address
  • Buyer Email
  • City
  • Country
  • Custom Field 1
  • Custom Field 2
  • Custom Field 3
  • Customer Comments
  • Customer Name
  • Discount Code
  • Gift Messages
  • Item Name
  • Item Name & Bundle
  • Item Price
  • Order Date
  • Order Number
  • Picked
  • Product Image
  • Qty
  • Shipping Address
  • Shipping Service
  • SKU
  • State
  • Store
  • Warehouse Bin
  • Zone


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