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Pick lists help keep your shipping process organized and efficient, showing you which items are needed to pack your boxes. ShippingEasy allows you to print pick lists from the ORDERS page as well as SHIPMENT HISTORY in the app. You can set up the format of your pick lists by following these steps.

On the PICK LIST page under the SETTINGS tab, you can select to group your pick list in order by location (warehouse/bin), item (sku), shipping service, shipping zone, ship to country, ship to state, or order. 
  • If you select to print your pick list by order number, you may have multiple line items for a single SKU, however the recipient name and order number will show. 
  • If you select to print by item, the items needed for each individual order will not show, only the total number of each item for all orders. 
  • If you select to print by item and by order, both pick lists will be generated.

1 Location If included in the sync from your store, this is the warehouse/bin location of the each SKU.
2 Quantity The number of the SKU you need to pick.
3 Description The description of each SKU from your store. Learn how to turn on Product options here.
4 Picked This is left blank for you to indicate if you have "picked" your items from inventory.
5 Total Quantity to Pick Total number of items to pick
6 Total Items in List Total number of unique SKUs on the pick list.
7 Total Orders in List Total number of orders on the pick list.


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