What happens if I ship more than 50 packages in a month on the Starter plan?

With our Starter plan, there are some limitations including the loss of high-impact features, limited support - and - a volume cap of 50 shipments per billing cycle.

What can I expect if I exceed 50 shipments on the Starter plan?

If you exceed 50 shipments for the month, your account will become locked on the SUBSCRIPTION & BILLING page. You will not be able to purchase additional labels for the remainder of your billing period unless you opt to upgrade. While you can view your SHIPMENT HISTORY, all actions on that page will be prohibited.

The SUBSCRIPTION & BILLING page will display a message to explain the account restrictions and options.


How can I keep track of how many labels I have used for the current billing cycle?  

To ensure that you know your number of shipments in the billing period, you can track the number of shipments you have per month on your SUBSCRIPTION & BILLING page. Learn more about tracking your label use.

What should I do if I anticipate shipping more than 50 packages in a 30 day period?

If you expect to receive more than 50 orders in a month, upgrading sooner lets you take advantage of the upgraded features and lower rates offered with the Basic plan. Many times, the costs saved in postage can more than make up the subscription cost. Learn more about the added benefits of upgrading to the Basic plan.

How do I upgrade my account?



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