FAQs: Annual Pre-Pay

In the past, ShippingEasy provided discounts for annual subscriptions. As of August 9, 2015, this option is no longer available to any user not currently subscribed to annual prepay. Subscribers currently on annual prepay will continue to have access to this discount program.

How much will my subscription be discounted on annual pre-pay?

Users currently subscribed to ShippingEasy under the annual prepay program will save 15% off the regular monthly price (plus applicable taxes, if any) on any plan.

How do I sign up for annual pre-pay?

As of August, 9, 2015, annual pre-pay is no longer available to month-to-month subscribers.

When will my annual subscription start?

The annual subscription will commence the month after free trials or other special promotional offers end.

If I have additional add-ons (stores, users) are these for the entire year?

Yes, while on the annual pre-pay plan, any additional users or stores on your account are discounted and billed for the entire year.

If I cancel will I be refunded?

Annual subscriptions are NON REFUNDABLE. A time credit for unused months will be noted in your account if you decide to cancel before the annual subscription period has completed.

You must submit a cancellation request to ShippingEasy (prior to the end of the subscription year) in order to receive a time credit for unused months. You can use the time credit in the future by restarting your subscription. Time credits are non-transferable to other ShippingEasy accounts.

What happens if I add a new feature to my plan?

New features will be added immediately and will be billed monthly.

IMPORTANT: adding new features to your plan will convert it to month-to-month billing.

What happens if I downgrade to a lower plan?

Any downgrade requests will take affect at the start of the next annual billing cycle.

IMPORTANT: downgrading your plan will convert it to month-to-month billing.

What happens if I upgrade my plan?

Upgrades will take affect immediately.

IMPORTANT: upgrading your plan will convert it to month-to-month billing.

We will prorate the charges for the remainder of the year once you have upgraded.

For example:

If you paid for the yearly Basic plan, then upgraded to the Plus plan partway through the year, you would be on the Plus plan for the following months.

  • Basic plan for the year is $295.80.
  • If you have spent 6 months on the yearly Basic plan, you have used $147.90 and have $147.90 remaining.
  • Plus plan for the next month is $49. 
  • Apply the credit for unused time on Basic ($49 - $147.90) and the remaining credit would be $98.90.
  • The remaining credit will be drawn from each month until fully used.

Can I get EasyReferal credits while on Annual Prepay?

Yes. For each EasyReferral credit that you redeem, you will receive a 1/12th credit towards your next annual bill.

For example:

If you paid for the yearly Plus plan and then referred a new account for an EasyReferral credit, you would see your next bill reduced by 1/12th:

  • Plus plan for the year is $499.92.
  • EasyReferral credit is equal to 1/12th ($499.92/12) or $41.66.
  • The credit of $41.66 will be applied towards your next bill. 
  • At the start of your next annual billing cycle, you will be billed the difference ($499.92-$41.66) of $458.26.

With all EasyReferral credits, you can accrue multiple credits, one for each referral. Each credit will be equal to 1/12th of the originally Annual Prepay amount. All credits accrued over the year will be applied towards the subsequent annual bill. Learn more about EasyReferral.


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