Automatically send Electronic Trade Document (ETD) data to FedEx | How To

If you have verified with FedEx that you have Electronic Trade Document (ETD) support enabled on your FedEx account, ShippingEasy can send the ETD data to FedEx automatically. 

To get started, you must update both FedEx and ShippingEasy. 

Enable ETD in FedEx

  1. Log into your account on and go to the FedEx Ship Manager page.
  2. Next, click on Preferences.
  3. Under Customs Clearances Preferences, be sure to:
    • Select Always Create Commerical Invoice from the dropdown. 
    • Check the box next to Enable Electronic Trade Document (ETD) Note: does not apply to return shipments.

That's it! You have now enabled ETD on FedEx.


Enable ETD in ShippingEasy

  1. Click the Manage Account link for your FedEx account in ShippingEasy.
  2. Then complete the following:
    • Check the box to Send Electronic Trade Documents (ETD).
    • Upload your signature image.
    • Upload your letterhead images OB-Carriers_FedEx_Settings_MRK.png
  3. Click Save and you are done. Your international FedEx labels will print with "ETD" below the service name.


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