How to: Add full insurance coverage to all orders over a minimum value

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Many of our shippers like to insure their packages based on their customers’ order total. This article will explain, step-by-step, how to ensure that orders over a minimum value are always fully insured.

  1. From the ORDERS page, navigate to the SETTINGS tab, above the column headers. 


  2. Once on the SETTINGS page, click SHIPMENT INSURANCE.
    This will take you to the page you will use to set up your defaults for all packages.


  3. You will see two sides to the page: on the left side you will see your settings for "Domestic Shipments" and on the right you will see the settings for the "International Shipments". To edit either Domestic or International, navigate to the appropriate side of the page.

  4. Select the checkbox that says Insure all ... shipments, based on: 

    From the drop-down menu below, select Order Total to ensure all orders over a minimum value.

  5. In the Restrictions section below, select the checkbox to
    only insure ... shipments when an order’s value is greater or equal to:  

    Enter the minimum value that you want to always insure.  

  6. After you have applied the settings that you want for both Domestic and International, navigate to the bottom of the page and Save.


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