Batch Orders by Weight | How To

ShippingEasy has quite a few options for batching orders based on a common factor within your shipments. Options to batch according to variables such as destination, quantity, or status quickly allows these orders to all be shipped via the same carrier, service, and package.

  1. Go to the ORDERS page.
  2. Click on "More Filters" in the filter toolbar above the orders. more_filters_highlighted.png
  3. On the left-hand side of the page, click the “Weight” filter, and select your filter option. After this, all orders that meet this requirement will show on the ORDERS page.
    Save your filtered options for easy selection next time, with our Saved Views feature. Learn more about Saved Views.
  4. You can select the orders you want to batch by hand by selecting each order individually or you can select all orders on the page to be batched together. To do it individually, check the small box to the left of each order you want to include in the batch.

    To batch all on the page, check off the small box located to the left of the column headers - when you click this, all orders on the page will be selected.
  5. Navigate above the green columns and click the Group as Batch button. You will be notified once this is successful and the orders will be sent to the READY TO SHIP page.


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