What is the difference between duplicating and reprinting a label?

Duplicating and reprinting a label are two very helpful but very different ways to regenerate a specific shipping label. 

Duplicating a label

When you duplicate a label, you are essentially requesting a new label be created and purchased for the same customer. This is particularly helpful if you need to send a second package out to the same customer, or if you made a mistake on the first label. Therefore, a brand new label PDF is generated and you will need to repurchase.

Without any manual manipulation, the information will be identical except for a new, unique tracking number. 

NOTE: If you need to amend the information from the first label, you have the option to edit on the READY TO SHIP page (select the pencil icon in the "Options" column from the READY FOR PAYMENT page). This will result in a new PDF being created, with updated information per your changes, and new tracking.

Reprinting a label

When you just need reprint the same label, click the "Reprint" button from the SHIPMENT HISTORY. You are not charged again as you are just reprinting an identical copy of the same label. Some common reasons for reprints can be related to an unsuccessful first print (due to printer settings being incorrect, ink running out, etc.) or in situations such as losing the label and needing a new copy.

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