How to: Filter pre-shipment orders for invalid addresses

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ShippingEasy gives you the option to filter your orders by addresses that cannot be verified.  By verifying and editing addresses on the ORDERS page, you can save time processing shipments on the READY TO SHIP page.

  1. From the menu to the left of your orders on the ORDERS page, expand the Address Type menu and check the Invalid Addresses option.

  2. Your addresses will be filtered to show only those with the red triangle icon.  Orders with this icon have invalid addresses and will need to be updated before they can be shipped. The red triangle will show in the column with the house icon in place of 'C' or 'R' or 'I'. 

Once you've identified your orders with an invalid address, you can edit them right from the ORDERS page.

  1. Click the red triangle on an order to edit the address. 

  2. On the EDIT ORDER page, a popup will be displayed with a suggested address for updating.


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