ShippingEasy Rates: what you can expect to save on USPS postage

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ShippingEasy offers USPS discounts on all plans for all customers. So, no matter how many boxes or envelopes or packages you ship, you will save money on postage. However, as your volume increases and your plan type graduates, the savings continue to grow.

This handy table makes it easy to understand what rates you can expect on any given plan vs retail postage pricing you incur at the Post Office.



If you are on our FREE, Starter plan:

You are entitled to Commercial Base Pricing (CBP) and will save up to 51% on domestic and up to 5% on international shipments, depending on service type, weight and distance.

Included, Commercial Base discounts are available on First Class Package Service for parcels weighing up to 15.9 oz. This can save you at least 43% and as much as 65% over Retail rates for parcels weight between 14 and 15.9 oz.

If you are on our PAID plans:

Subscribers on our Basic, Plus, Select, Premium or Enterprise plans receive access to Commercial Plus Pricing (CPP) and thus larger discounts, up to 53% over Retail rates and up to 3% over CBP on domestic shipments. This can make a big difference if you are shipping Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express or using any of the Flat Rate or Regional Rate products.

First Class Package Service commercial discounts are also available, with savings up to 65% over Retail rates.

Check out this comparison between CBP and CPP to see the difference on different weights, zones and service types. Many smaller customers opt for the Basic plan so they can enjoy the extra savings.

In addition, our Plus, Select Premium and Enterprise plans get access to dimensional rates:

Flat Rate Green pricing is exclusive to ShippingEasy, offering serious savings on packages with dimensions and >2lbs. If you are shipping boxes with a bit of weight, it is worth calculating the savings available on a typical order to determine the savings and thus whether one of these plan types is more cost efficient – irrespective of volume.


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