When does Auto Refill reload my postage balance?

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Auto postage refill allows you to automatically purchase more postage when your balance falls below a certain level. You can set your auto refill level and the minimum balance that will trigger the refill. Learn how to set up the Auto Refill feature.

NOTE: If your Endicia account is enabled for Pay-on-Use Returns labels, the automatic refill setting in ShippingEasy should not be used or enabled. Learn more from Endicia about Pay-on-Use Returns labels.


There are two actions that will trigger ShippingEasy to recognize that your postage balance is below the minimum:

  • A postage purchase depletes your balance below the minimum. 
  • Someone views the POSTAGE AND CARRIERS page within SETTINGS and the postage balance is below the selected threshold.
NOTE: by default, you may have a maximum Postage Balance of $500 for either Endicia account.  If the Refill amount plus the Minimum balance exceeds $500, then the auto refill will fail.  We recommend setting the Refill amount to $400 or less and the Minimum balance to $100 or less.


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