When does Auto Refill reload my One Balance funds?

Auto refill allows you to automatically add more funds when your balance falls below a certain level. Learn how to view your One Balance funds.

You can set your auto refill level and the minimum balance that will trigger the refill. Learn how to set up the Auto Refill feature.

Two actions that trigger Auto Refill:

  • A label purchase depletes your balance below the minimum.
  • Someone views the ONE BALANCE AND CARRIERS page within SETTINGS and the funds are below the selected threshold.
By default, you may have a maximum balance of $10,00 for your One Balance account.  If the Refill amount plus the Minimum balance exceeds $10,00, then the auto refill will fail.  We recommend setting the Refill amount to $9900 or less and the Minimum balance to $100 or less.


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