Error Updating Shipped Orders on ChannelAdvisor | Troubleshoot

After a label has been purchased in ShippingEasy, the order in ChannelAdvisor will be updated with the shipping carrier and service, tracking number, shipment date, and quantity shipped. 

Orders that are drop-shipped, or marked as shipped, in ShippingEasy will not update to ChannelAdvisor.

If you purchase a label using a shipping carrier and service that hasn't been added to your ChannelAdvisor account, then you will receive an error when ShippingEasy attempts to update your ChannelAdvisor account. The following error message will be displayed on your SHIPMENT HISTORY:

There was an error notifying your store that this order shipped.

To resolve the issue and allow your order to update successfully:

  1. Add the appropriate shipping carrier and class in ChannelAdvisor. 
  2. Once you have added your shipping carrier and class to ChannelAdvisor, go back to your SHIPMENT HISTORY and retry the update. Learn more about retrying store order updates.


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