How to: Integrate ChannelAdvisor with ShippingEasy

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ChannelAdvisor is a leading platform for managing your product inventory levels across multiple marketplaces and shopping carts. ShippingEasy has support for receiving your orders from ChannelAdvisor and shipping those orders to your customers.

  1. When registering your ShippingEasy account, select ChannelAdvisor from the Platform menu. Then select Save & Continue to be taken to the ChannelAdvisor login. Skip to Step 5 for the next steps. 

  2. If you have already set up your ShippingEasy account, navigate to the SETTINGS tab and click on STORES & ORDERS under the INTEGRATIONS section. 


  3. Once there, click on the the + Add New button on the side of the screen.

    Add New.png

  4. Select ChannelAdvisor (Beta) from the Platform drop down. Click the Save button to be taken to the ChannelAdvisor login.

  5. Logged into ChannelAdvisor, select ShippingEasy from the Client drop down menu. 

  6. Click the Select Client button.

  7. Select the ChannelAdvisor Account that you want to grant access to ShippingEasy.

  8. Click the Grant Access button. You're done!

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