Send Seasonal Shipment Notifications - Shipping Rules | Guide

Personalize your shipment notification emails with special seasonal messaging. With Shipping Rules, you can choose to send specific Email Templates based on the month that the order was placed. 

TIP: Customer Marketing subscribers can also send seasonal email automated campaigns

Using a Shipping Rule to determine which Email Template is used for each order is convenient. With this rule, you do not have to remember to update the Email Template later on! Just create an Email Template for the season and then use the Shipping Rule to make sure that only orders placed during that time frame receive the email.

Before you create the Shipping Rule, you need to create a custom Email Template for your seasonal Shipment Notification.

Here are a few ways that you could use this type of Shipping Rule:

  • If you update your brand for the holidays, change out your images in the Email Template for the month.
  • Send a special Cyber Monday coupon code in your Shipment Notification email to anyone who orders in October. 
  • The month before your peak season or a new product release, add a promotional message to pique interest.

To set up the Shipping Rule for seasonal Shipment Notifications

Enabling ShippingEasy's Branded Emails will override this rule.
  1. Select SETTINGS in the navigation bar.
  3. On the SHIPPING RULES page, click the Add New button.
  4. In the field Rule Name, enter a name that describes this rule.
    For example, we might name our rule "Apply Cyber Monday Email to October Orders"
  5. Set the "IF" condition to:

    Order month | Is equal to | select the month

    For example, we might set the month to October


  6. You can further narrow down which orders will receive this Shipment Notification by adding additional conditions. Do so by clicking the grey +Add button.
    add_shipping_conditions_to_rule_button.PNGLearn more about available conditions.
  7. Set the "THEN" action to:

    Set shipment notice template | select the template you created

    For example, we might have created one called "October Promotional Email"
  8. Save your new rule and you're done! 

After you ship out orders placed in the month you specified, ShippingEasy will send the seasonal Email Template for those shipments.


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