How to: Choose who is billed for duties on FedEx international shipments

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For FedEx international shipments, you have the ability to have Customs Duties paid by either the sender or receiver as long as the account is US-based. Internationally-based FedEx accounts cannot be charged as they do not have a valid 5-digit zip code.

You have the option to set a default duties payor for every shipment on the POSTAGE & CARRIERS Page.

To set a default duties payor:

  1. Navigate to POSTAGE & CARRIERS from anywhere in the app.
  2. Click "Manage Account" next to the FedEx logo.
  3. Scroll to where is says Default Duties Payor and click the drop down menu to select Receiver or Sender.
  4. Click Update.

To edit the default selection:

When you create your shipment on the READY TO SHIP page and select FedEx as the carrier, the default payor will populate. You do have the option to change who is billed for Custom Duties if necessary. You can select to bill to the sender or the receiver.

The Recipient’s Account Number is not required in order to effectively bill the Recipient for Custom Duties, but should be included if known.

NOTE: FedEx policies state that should the Recipient fail to pay duties, the sender is responsible for payment.


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    Matt Hopkins

    Please change the default to "Bill Recipient". I have a feeling a majority of your US clients who are exporting via FedEx do not want to pay their customers' duties and taxes, and it is cumbersome to make sure it gets manually changed over.

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    Jennifer R. [ShippingEasy]

    Hello Matt - Thank you for sharing your feedback!

    We host a Feature Requests forum, which is monitored by our Product Team. We've seen this request a couple times in the past, but haven't seen the feedback enough to get traction. Would you please post your thoughts to this thread as well?

    Doing so will ensure that our Product Team also sees your feedback.

    Thanks for taking the time to help improve the app!

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