Choose Duties Payor on FedEx International Shipments | How To

For FedEx international shipments, you have the ability to have Customs Duties paid by either the sender, recipient or third-party, as long as the account is US-based. Internationally-based FedEx accounts cannot be charged as they do not have a valid 5-digit zip code.

Who can pay for FedEx international shipment duties and taxes

When using ShippingEasy to ship your FedEx international orders, you can designate one of the following to pay for duties and taxes:

  • Recipient: the receiver of the shipment pays the customs duties and taxes. Optional fields for a FedEx account number and the account number’s postal code will appear. If provided, that account will be billed instead of the recipient paying in cash.
  • Sender: as the sender, you are responsible for paying customs duties/taxes.
  • Third-Party: someone else will pay for the duties and taxes. When Third Party is chosen, the FedEx account number and postal code of the Third Party must be specified; these fields are not optional.

Keep in mind, FedEx policies state that should the Recipient or Third Party fail to pay duties, you as the Sender are responsible for payment.

Ways to assign who pays for FedEx international shipment duties and taxes

Within ShippingEasy, you have the option to:

  • Set a Default Duties Payor for every shipment
  • Pick the Duties Payor for individual shipments

When setting up default duties payor, it is important to keep in mind that these defaults will only apply to new orders received. There are also some workflows in ShippingEasy that are not supported by default duties payor preferences. Learn more about default duties payor preferences.

How to: Set a Default Duties Payor for all FedEx international shipments

You have the option to set a Default Duties Payor for every shipment, from the POSTAGE & CARRIERS page.

  1. Navigate to ONE BALANCE AND CARRIERS from anywhere in the app.
  2. Next to the FedEx logo, click Manage Account.
  3. Scroll to where it says Default Duties Payor and click the drop-down menu to select Sender, Recipient, or Third Party.
  4. Click Update.

How to: Choose the Duties Payor for an individual FedEx international shipment

Whether or not you set a default Duties Payor for your FedEx postage account, you can edit the Duties Payor for individual shipments on the READY TO SHIP page.

  1. Send a shipment to the READY TO SHIP page. Learn how to create a shipment.
  2. Make your carrier selections, selecting FedEx as the Carrier. Learn how to pick a carrier and service.
  3. Scroll down to the "Billing" section to find the Customs Duties Paid By field. Expand this to select who you want to pay for the duties and taxes for this shipment.
  4. If you have selected a Third Party, be sure to fill in the Account Number and Account Postal Code.
  5. Finish making your selections and print your label. Learn more about the READY TO SHIP page.


Need to set up Duties Payor preferences for another carrier? Learn more about who pays for duties and taxes when shipping internationally.



Please change the default to "Bill Recipient". I have a feeling a majority of your US clients who are exporting via FedEx do not want to pay their customers' duties and taxes, and it is cumbersome to make sure it gets manually changed over.

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Hello Matt - Thank you for sharing your feedback!

We host a Feature Requests forum, which is monitored by our Product Team. We've seen this request a couple times in the past, but haven't seen the feedback enough to get traction. Would you please post your thoughts to this thread as well?

Doing so will ensure that our Product Team also sees your feedback.

Thanks for taking the time to help improve the app!

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