Split Order Items and Quantities | How To

When preparing orders to ship, sometimes you need to split out order items and their quantities. Perhaps everything cannot fit in the same box or maybe an item needs special handling. Whatever the reason, ShippingEasy's Split Order Items tool will help split orders exactly how you need.

Split Order Items allows you to create two or more new orders by:

  • Separating out order items
  • Dividing the quantities of individual order items

Once split, the resulting orders have the same order numbers as the original order. The resulting order totals are also recalculated. Learn how split order totals are calculated.

To Split Order Items and/or Quantities:

  1. From the ORDERS page, check the box next to an order that needs to be split. Click the More button and select Split Order Item.
  2. In the "Split Order" slider, you will have the option to separate line items into new orders, or to divide the quantities of individual line items.
    To Separate Line Items into New Orders:
    • Click the arrow to move the items you wish to split out from the "Original Order" into a "New Order".
    • You will see the item now appear in the "New Order" box to the right.
    To Divide the Quantity of Line Items in an Order:
    • Click the Qty link beneath the quantity of the item you want to split.
    • By default, a quantity of 1 will be split from the original quantity. You can use the editing box to specify the quantity of each resulting line item.
    • If you would like to split the entire quantity into single orders, click All:
    • Once you have finished splitting the item, use the arrow to move the items you want into a new order.
  3. Click Split Order button at the bottom of the slider to complete the split.
  4. The order will now appear split on the ORDERS page.

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