I ship jewelry, can I add Shipsurance insurance to my shipments?

According to our shipping insurance partner, Shipsurance, it is good practice to add signature confirmation to high-value shipments-especially jewelry.

Condition #2 in the Shipsurance Terms of Use says: "Jewelry (includes necklaces, earrings, watches, rings, bracelets, broaches, etc) with a value of $500.00 or more must be sent with the direct or adult Signature Confirmation service provided by the shipping carriers (must be signed for at delivery). This service is available by most shipping carriers often at an additional expense to their core shipping service."

Keep in mind that the signature confirmation is there to protect you, the shipper, from fraudulent buyers that may indicate they did not receive a package if they did not physically sign for it. Jewelry is a higher risk commodity, so it's best to add signature confirmation to those shipments.

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