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We get that all shippers have a unique process that works best for their team. Since not all changes made to an order on the store are sent through the API to ShippingEasy, we provide an option to disable the automatic order sync for greater flexibility to sync your orders when it makes the most sense to you. Learn more about automatic order downloads.

If you opt to disable automatic order downloads, then ShippingEasy will only sync when you click the Sync with Store button on the ORDERS page. Once requested, orders that were moved into a status that syncs since your last download will be pulled into ShippingEasy. Keep in mind that it may take 20 minutes to fully download your orders.

To disable automatic order downloads:

  1. Navigate to SETTINGS >> STORES & ORDERS

  2. Select Edit store settings next to the store for which you want to disable automatic downloads.
  3. Click on the "Orders" tab and check the box next to Disable Automatic Order Downloads.
  4. Save the change.

NOTE: some platforms push orders into ShippingEasy; in other words, the orders do not download.

The option to disable automatic download in ShippingEasy is not available for these platforms:

  • Eleventh Ave
  • Navigator Business Systems
  • OpenCart
  • OneSaaS
  • PrestaShop
  • SynCommerce
  • WooCommerce (Legacy)
  • X-Cart 

In addition, stores connected on the Open API, as well as CSV stores and Manual Order stores do not have this option.


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