Why are my Storenvy orders processed via Stripe not syncing with ShippingEasy?

Originally, PayPal  was the only form of payment that Storenvy offered. Many Storenvy sellers had the option of integrating their PayPal account or their Storenvy store with ShippingEasy.

While we always recommend using the "native" integration, integrating a PayPal store instead of Storenvy to ShippingEasy can be very appealing. This allows all orders that you process through PayPal to sync into ShippingEasy via a single integration.

Storenvy now supports using Stripe as a payment processor. For those customers that opted to integrate PayPal with ShippingEasy rather than Storenvy (as described above), this change resulted in Storenvy orders processed via Stripe no longer syncing into ShippingEasy.

Here are some tips for working around this problem:

If you only sell on Storenvy, we recommend integrating your Storenvy store.

First, you'll need to archive your PayPal account:

  1. Go to SETTINGS>STORES & ORDERS under the INTEGRATION header.
  2. Click the X next to your Paypal store.

Next, you'll need to connect your Storenvy store. Learn more here.

If you sell on multiple platforms that support PayPal, then your options depend on what kind of Storenvy account you have. If you sell through the Storenvy marketplace, then you are required to use Stripe. Learn more here

  • You'll need to connect both your PayPal account and Storenvy store with ShippingEasy for all of your orders to sync.
  • Update your PayPal integration to avoid duplicate orders that are funneled through both PayPal and Storenvy. Learn more here.

If you have a custom storefront on Storenvy, the you can use PayPal and/or Stripe to process your orders.

Disconnecting Stripe from your Storenvy store may be a good option for routing your new orders through PayPal instead. Learn more here.

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This response from SE is totally misleading. SE does NOT integrate with Stripe, it only integrates with Stripe Relay which is a smaller payment subset platform of Stripe of which I have no idea who actually uses it. Ecrater, StorEnvy, Truegether and I'm sure many other webstores all use Stripe (not Stripe Relay) and why SE doesn't offer just the normal Stripe integration like Paypal is a big mystery. It would be much more useful than Stripe Relay.

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