PDF Return Label Using ConnectEasy | How To

ShippingEasy provides two options for generating return labels:

  1. Automatically email the return label.
  2. Generate as a soft copy that can be printed.

If you have chosen this second option, ShippingEasy will print the label to your chosen printer. This means that ShippingEasy will read your PRINTERS settings to determine if you want:

  • A PDF, via your browser
  • A hard copy, via ConnectEasy

In the case of a hard copy via ConnectEasy, the return label prints directly to your printer. However, you can still open it as a PDF depending on how you want to process your labels. If you have:

Below we explain in detail how to generate a PDF for both of these situations.

To change PRINTERS settings and generate future return labels as PDFs:

  1. Go to SETTINGS in the navigation bar and under DEVICES and HARDWARE, select PRINTER CONFIGURATION.

  2. Set the specific document type you want to PDF (Print a PDF file from your browser).  
  3. Click Save

  4. Now you're ready to purchase your return label. If you purchased the label before adjusting your PRINTERS settings, see the steps below for opening a previously purchased return label as a PDF.

To open a previously purchased return label as a PDF:

  1. From the SHIPMENT HISTORY page, locate the order label you want to reprint.

  2. On the right side of the order line, expand the Reprint button menu.

  3. Select the label with the paper icon next to it that you need to reprint:



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